Self- Love : You are Enough

Self- Love : You are Enough

How many times we feel down and not seeing the real self values ? How many times we feel we are not good enough, or pretty enough or smart enough or we are aiming for perfection… Familiar ?

We as a human being tend to be hard on ourselves and compare to others especially now when we have so many social media out there where apparently everyone are living โ€˜perfect lifeโ€™. In what stage of our life we became so insecure?

Remember when you see the baby …baby loves attention, baby cries when unhappy and shows the feelings . Kids love attention and you can always see the screaming โ€œwatch me doing this โ€œ or โ€œwatch me doing that โ€œ .. Then suddenly how we grow we loose the confidence weโ€™ve been born with and start to struggle with self love .

Relationship issues, work issues and overall life dissatisfaction comes from low self esteem .

How we can love ourselves again ?

This is actually every days work. What makes you feel good ? Do more of that.

What makes you feel bad ? Stop doing it . Cut out from your life complains, fake friends, negative thoughts.

Change the way how you start your day . Establish a morning routine. Make sure to start your day positive, with generous thoughts and self praise . Start praising yourself daily. For everything you do . You are doing the best you can at this moment. Praise yourself for every small progress, for every small change.

Always remember that we are all unique and we do not have competition. The only person you need to compete with is the person from the mirror. To make sure you are better today than yesterday. You are kinder and healthier . You are so lovable and you are enough.

You chose how you see the world and you chose your surroundings. The way you think will reflect on the life you live .

Start believing in yourself today . Love yourself first . Before you go out and start searching for love you need to make sure you find one in yourself first.

You are love. You are unique . You are enough.